Neil Beagrie

Neil Beagrie Neil Beagrie is director of consultancy at Charles Beagrie. He is an experienced senior consultant and an internationally recognised expert with extensive experience in cost-benefit analysis, project to service transitions, strategy and policy development, research data management and digital preservation. He was the international consultant to the US National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program (NDIIPP). Neil has been Principal Investigator for the Digital Lives and Keeping Research Data Safe (KRDS) research projects, and for the DPC Digital Preservation Technology Watch Report series. He has played a major role in developing strategies for digital preservation including founding the Digital Preservation Coalition and overseeing development of the UK Digital Curation Centre. His career spans a range of senior information management roles including BL/JISC Partnership Manager at the British Library, Programme Director at the UK Joint Information Systems Committee, Director and Assistant Director of the Arts and Humanities Data Service, and Head of Archaeological Archives and Library at the Royal Commission on the Historical Monuments of England. He is a Fellow of the RSA and was awarded the 2014 Archival Technology Medal by the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) for his long-term contributions to digital preservation.

Daphne Charles

Daphne Charles Daphne Charles is the director responsible for operations and financial systems and business analysis at Charles Beagrie. She is a senior Information Systems professional with twenty years' experience of project management, major database and repository applications, web development and online research database publishing, business analysis and data standards within the academic research and heritage sectors.

Mary Auckland

Mary Auckland Mary has been an independent consultant and trainer since 2005. This follows her long career in academic and research libraries, as Director of Library and Learning Resources at the University of the Arts London; Librarian at SOAS; and senior posts at the University of Southampton and LSE libraries. Mary has served on various strategic advisory bodies including the JISC's Committee for Electronic Information. She also served on the Library Association Council for nine years and was its Chair for three. In 2003, Mary was made an Officer of the Order of the British Empire for services to libraries and awarded an Honorary Fellowship by CILIP.

John Houghton

John Houghton John is currently Professorial Fellow at Victoria University's Centre for Strategic Economic Studies (CSES). He has many years experience in information technology policy, science and technology policy and more general industry policy related economic research and is a regular consultant to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in Paris. In 1998, John was awarded a National Australia Day Council, Australia Day Medal for his contribution to IT industry policy development.

Peter Williams

Peter Williams Pete is an established researcher in information science with over 12 years research experience and 120 published articles and book reviews. His research expertise and interests include ICT in education, media, health, and personal information management. He is a senior research fellow in the School of Library, Archive and Information Studies in University College London and works as an research associate with us on relevant consultancies.

Rob Beagrie

Rob Beagrie Rob has a PhD in Systems Biology from Imperial College London. He has 1st Class honours BA and MSci degrees in Natural Sciences from Cambridge University and a senior academic scholarship for natural sciences from Robinson College, Cambridge. He is a certified instructor for Software Carpentry, a non-profit organisation dedicated to teaching programming and computational skills to researchers in STEM disciplines, and is also experienced in web development. Rob provides technical advice and support for our website and projects.

Andrew Charlesworth

Andrew Charlesworth Andrew is currently Professor in Information Technology Law in the School of Law and Department of Computer Science at the University of Bristol, where he is the Director of the cross-disciplinary Centre for IT & Law. He has undertaken research and consultancy in legal and ethical issues arising from a range of technology developments, including: educational use of the web, institutional archives and repositories, web archiving, ePortfolio and PDP tools, VLEs and MLEs, institutional data sharing, Web 2.0 technologies, cloud computing, and research use of personal digital collections.